VOTE!! DO IT NOW! in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger

vote fosterweld for best belt buckle

Get out there folks and vote!  Today is the day to tell all these Jebronies on Capitol Hill that you are in control and have the power to sign their pink slip with the stroke of your pen.  You can HOPE all you want for these suckers to CHANGE, but all you can do is VOTE then swap that Chinese belt belt your wearing for something MADE IN U.S.A,,,,and for a sweet deal. Chop Chop folks!

After you cast your ballot, stop by and stimulate the economy with the purchase of a cool belt buckle or one of our trendy leather belts.  Are you still waiting for a bailout?  Use Coupon code VOTE2010 to save your hard earned dollars and save 15% on your entire order.

Thank you Lord for the right to vote in this free country, without fear of suicide bombers at the polls or dictators throwing votes into the fire.

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