All you need is love

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVEThe holidays are a great time to get together with the family. This past week I flew to visit my parents in Florida.

Upon visiting, my dad decided that he wanted to get Netflix, and buy an XBOX. Walking into Best Buy, I knew it would be anything but quick.  Yes, an hour and half later, after my dad, and Neil, his new best friend the Bust Buy salesmen, had finally come to a purchase conclusion.  We left the store with a PS3, and ROCK BAND BEATLES.  Which we busted open as soon as we got home.  "All you need is love" continues to repetitiously play in my head.

What I'm saying is you can go into a store thinking you want one thing, and leave with something totally different. I'm sure there are those of you out there that have never thought to wear a belt buckle, or even give one as a gift.  The gift you were going to give Uncle Steve would not be as cool as a FOSTERWELD belt buckle. 

Open your eyes to the possibilities that are our buckles, custom buckles, hand made accessories, or even leather wristbands. :)
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