Custom Painted Furniture Lets You Express Your Life With Color!

custom-painted-furniture One of the best ways to express one’s self is through color because color can truly bring out your inner self. They can speak volumes in ways that words can’t, and creating the right mix of colors in your home can really create an atmosphere in a way that no other type of decoration can. This expression becomes all the more louder when you place custom painted furniture into your home, and Fosterweld would be more than happy to be your bullhorn.

Colors are great if you want to have a central theme in your home. For example, you want to have a country theme, then make sure to put bright colors and natural tones such as sunny yellows, earthy browns and fresh greens. Perhaps you want to decorate your home in a medieval theme? Then don’t forget to use galvanized steel furniture that features metallic or burnished shades. Here at Fosterweld, we carry a range of furniture that can fit into any decorating theme you can think of.

What’s more, if we don’t carry that type of furniture for you, all you have to do is place an order with us, and we would be more than happy to custom make such a look for you. Simply head to and submit the designs that you want us to custom paint for you, and what furniture you want to use. Then it will be our job to give you both an estimate and a time range for when we can create the furniture of your dreams for you.

Remember, if you use your own ideas, it’s a guarantee that your design will be creative, fresh, unique and 100% you. Fosterweld will make sure that you will be the only one with that exact design. We will help you make your dreams come true with our furniture.

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