Case of the mondays....

I love the movie, "Office Space", and the best phrase in the whole movie is, "sounds like someones got a case of the Mondays." So today's blog is for those stuck in the office on this sunny Monday.  Monday's are rough because they mean that the work week just stared, and you have five whole days till its the weekend again. So here is are two words that are going to put a smile on your face...ONLINE SHOPPING. Take a lil break from the craziness of a Monday, and maybe get some Christmas shopping done.

Browse through some of Fosterwelds cool belt buckles. We have so many belt buckles, and fashion belts that will fit almost anyone's style. One of my favorite belt and buckle combos is the 1 SECOND buckle with the distressed olive green belt.  Check out these pics below. You may be done with Christmas shopping sooner than you think. :)
hand made belt buckle cool belt buckle combo

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