Wedding party gifts you actually like

I've been in quite a few weddings, and apart from the obvious gift, the brides maid dress.  That of course, I can wear again. ;) I have received some beautiful scarves, and tasteful jewelry for the thank you gift. I always felt bad for the groomsmen though. They totally got the shaft with either no gift, or a flask.  Now I find the flask a little cliche, but that's only because I'm a secret snob and want creative gifts.

Which leads me to the perfect gift for groomsmen out there, a belt buckle combo. Specifically a FOSTER WELD  awesome belt buckle combo. It's a gift that not many people are giving, and should be. Last week, we had an order come in for a wedding, which I'm pretty sure they wore on the wedding day. How cool is that? None of the buckles or belts were the same, and you could tell each represented that person's personality. 

So if your a groom looking for grooms men's gifts, or didn't think to even get them one, check out our website WWW.FOSTERWELD.COM and find gifts that fit your friends. If they are not the belt and buckle kinda guy, then try our FOSTERWELD WRIST CUFF, or SKINNY WRIST CUFF collection. If you are willing enough to have them support you in your life long marriage to this beautiful woman your marrying, you can at least get them a great gift. 

sweet belt buckles
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