You get what you pay for

Let's just start by saying you get what you pay for! The other day I made a necklace purchase at a particular store, and I chose the one that was only $16. It looked cute, classy, and went with the bride's maid dress I had to buy.  I even thought that I got a great deal on a quality item. Welp, I was wrong! I got home, was super excited, put it on, walked over to the mirror, and within seconds of me saying to myself I LOVE IT, it broke. Yes, it broke. I couldn't believe it. Next time I will spend that extra money and get the better product. 

This brings me to FOSTER WELD. This small company makes quality items, that guarantee won't break as soon as you buy them. They are also well priced items. They aren't those cheap $20 buckles that last a couple months, and then break. Our products are made from two types of material, stainless steel, and genuine leather. We sell all kinds of hand made accessories like: cool belt buckles, men's fashion belts, wrist cuffs, and we have even branched out to make fine handmade furniture. 

Bottom line, we all as buyer's should stop buying the cheap stuff we think we are getting a "deal" on. Those are just NOT worth it. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. Ordering from Foster Weld will be a purchase you wont regret, in fact, I wont be surprised if you order again at a later date! 
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