"Are those sharks with laser beams attached to their heads?" Dr. Evil

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Truth is, we are not as cool as Dr. Evil with his frick'n sharks and their frick'n laser beams on their head, but our belt buckles are pretty frick'n sweet. FOSTERWELD can make ALL different types of custom buckles, from STENCILED BUCKLES, to CNC ENGRAVED  BUCKLES, and my favorite, LASER CUT BUCKLES.

Best part about our custom work is that you get to pick what you want, or even design it yourself. If you have a great idea that could be laser cut into a buckle, but need a little help figuring out the details, well we are to help you out.

If a unique belt buckle is what your shooting for, then take a swing at the first one, or go crazy with the buckwild buckle, which this particular customer found through beltbuckle.com.

Check out our custom buckles page for pricing and more pictures:


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