merchandise, wrist cuff, unique wrist cuffs, slate gray cuffsunique wrist cuffs, handmade cuffs, slate gray cuffsSmall businesses are the chocolate chips in the chocolate chip cookie of life. Without them, life would be one bland cookie. FOSTERWELD being one of those chocolate chips, loves other fellow chips too, like UNIFY. We sell bulk wholesale merchandise to them quite often.

We have made countless wrist cuffs for Rhonda to sell all over. She just got back from selling some of them in the Florida keys. For this order, she chose slate gray rather than the blast of color she normally does. Honestly, I think I might get a slate gray cuff myself. They are stink'n awesome looking. We made two different kinds of cuffs: one with stencils, and the other with embossing.

We make lots of specialized mechanize for boutiques, and shops all over the United States, and even companies in Canada. We love being apart of small companies just wanting to get their ideas made into realities. If you want to buy custom merchandise, or as the cool kids say, "merch", from FOSTERWELD, email us at

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