What's your favorite color?

Colors are such an expression of who you are, what you love, hate, and appreciate. Everyone has a favorite color too, and mine is olive green. Never did I think that olive green would be an awesome color for fashion belts, or for cool belt buckles, but I was proven wrong.

Fosterweld makes both of them. CHECK IT OUT! The picture on the left is the RECESSION belt buckle. This buckle is handmade, measuring 2.125" x 3.5". All buckles are sheered to size, hand bent with a hammer, welded with a millermatic 252, stamped FOSTERWELD, angle grinded beveled edges, enameled with MONTANA paint that is hand distressed and finished with an automotive clear coat.

Now lets talk about the cool DISTRESSED OLIVE GREEN BELT on the right. We find that cows do their best work for us, giving us some primo hide. We thank them by cutting and coloring every belt by hand, giving each a finish that's completely unique and ready to keep your pants up in style.

What's your favorite color? It could be turned into a belt or a buckle. Think about it!
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