The ABC's of life

Growing up, one of the very first things that you learn when your in kindergarten is the alphabet. There is even a catchy song to help you try and remember. Lets help your kids be ready before then. Three and Four year old kids are a lot smarter then we give them credit for.  Chris' three year old daughter, Phoebe, is already I'm not saying the belt made her advanced, but I'm not saying it didn't either. Take a look at our KIDS ALPHABET BELT!
leather belts, fashion belts, awesome belts, cool belt buckles.awesome belt  buckles, fashion belts, kids buckleawesome belt buckles, cool belt buckles, kids buckles and beltsTruth is, Fosterweld wants to help you and your kids out. We want to help your kids learn and look good.  With our children's fashion belts with the alphabet stenciled on the side it's possible to achieve both

Every kid has a favorite color, just ask them! Once you know, get that buckle color and match it with the same color belt. Each fashion belt will fit a 3T-4T child. The belt buckle is 1x3 inches to not take over the child.

Kid tested mother approved. 

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