RED: Oh how I love you

Hand made metal buckle, unique belt buckle, handcrafted, handmade buckle,The color red has many words that it can be associated with: power, anger, passion,  love....the list can go on an on.

The color itself brings up different emotions for different people. For me, it brings up the word passion. I am passionate about life, and art.  I get inspired to be creative when I see the color red. Most of the painting I do have the color red in it. I am such a romantic to the core and so most of the painting I do are about love, life, or people.

The color red can not just be associated with different types of feelings and emotions, but custom buckles too.

Each person has their own feelings of what red represents. It could be pride, like with the FLAG buckle, or inspiration with the RISING SUN buckle, or crazy with the REVERSE buckle. FOSTERWELD can makes all kinds of these fashion belt buckles.

How does the color red inspire you? I'd love to know. Shoot me a comment! :)


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