September 15, 2010

Metal buckles, custom buckle, handmade, cool belt buckle, leather belt, Keyholes, they are everywhere.

In doors to homes, stores, rooms, vehicles, lock boxes, charms, if there’s a key, there’s a keyhole.

Best part about them is when you put them, together they open or start things. With Fosterweld’s Keyhole metal buckle it will, without a doubt, open up a conversation between the people that you encounter throughout the day.

Life is about meeting new people, opening up possibilities to a new friendship, a business opportunity, or dare I say, a romantic relationship.

white leather belt, cool belt buckle, handmade leather belt,

These cool belt buckles are the key to your stylish appearance you’re looking for.  Hey, and since your looking for a new buckle, you might as well look for some fashion belts too.  I’m just throw’n it out there, but the DISTRESSED WHITE belt is one of my favorites, which would go quite nicely with the robin blue Keyhole buckle.

Go unlock a fashion possibility!

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