"Just a second mom"

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Growing up in a family of five, I tried to get out of as many chores as possible. I would always give a task to my younger brother or sister telling them mom told them to do it. Which of course, she told ME to do.  If that didn't work, and they saw through my lies...I would shout the typical, "Just a second mom"....then NOT do it.OK, so I'm not saying this was the wisest of choices, but i still did it.

The 1 second belt buckle is for all those kids who ever told there mom, "yeah, just a second," so they could go and finish what was more important in that moment. 

This hand made buckle is a unique steel custom design with a pretty sweet green color, that has three slashes, kinda like the licks I got after taking more then a second to respond to my mom. This awesome buckle is a reminder of the moments worth not doing chores for.

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