True "BLISS"

awesome belt buckle, hand made, metal buckle, leather belt,silver, sweet buckle"BLISS" by definition is extreme happiness, or Ecstasy. It can even mean spiritual joy. 

Personally, this is one of my favorite belt buckles that FOSTER WELD makes. The Buckle itself is hand crafted metal, with sweet random designs. The swift angles edged into the buckle, seem to draw the eye in and get lost. Isn't that what true bliss is, getting lost in happiness, or Ecstasy where you can't tell right side up from down. Its like falling in love. The blissfulness of meeting your buckle for the first time, to getting your heart broken by the accidental chance someone steals it from you or, shamefully you lose it.

At least you know buckle "BLISS" can be found again at FOSTER WELD and maybe you can find a new love.

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