Belts and Buckles Galore

steel furniture newIf you've been frustrated finding fresh-looking belt buckles that actually fit your style, look no further! Fosterweld carries exactly what you want. And best of all, you don't have to search in your nearest mall or dig through an annoying clearance rack. You can purchase it within seconds in our online store.

If rough and retro is your style, check out the striking Oval or Stack buckle designs. Almost every buckle we make can be ordered in over a dozen colors, allowing you to precisely match your tastes with any of our unique belt buckle styles. We make our buckles to match the largest variety of your personalized tastes. From classic Victorian and Royal Patter to contemporary faded Copper and beveled metal Slag, Fosterweld offers the most variety of buckles you'll find anywhere. And if we don't carry exactly what you want, we'll make a custom buckle at a minimal price just for you.

Our contemporary designed leather belts or distressed belts may also catch your eye. We pride ourselves in variety and personalization. While a traditional brown or black leather belt may suit you, you may be attracted by our fresh leather distressed belts. These snap belts allow for easy interchanging between one of our trendy buckles to the next. We even design our belts to be flexible with any outfit you wear by offering you as many colors as possible. Now perhaps you don't want to go through the hassle of combining the perfect belt and buckle. If so, just relax and purchase any one of our pre-designed belt and buckle combos. The competitively-priced belt and buckle you've been looking for is just seconds a way!

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