Cool Belt Buckles

June 14, 2010

cool belt bucklesWhether you are looking for a great gift idea for someone on your list or you just want one of the cool belt buckles that are available, Fosterweld is the place you want to shop. This company has been supplying custom handcrafted belt buckles all around the country, from Philadelphia to Portland, Oregon.

The custom buckles that are available through Fosterweld are TIG welded giving them the strength and rugged capabilities of handling everything you have to throw its way. The bracket and loop that attaches to your belt is hand bent showing off the true craftsmanship that you can only find in honest American made products. The rounded post and prong that fits into your desired belt hole will always be an exact match because we take pride in complete cool belt buckles that work not just getting them shipped out as fast as possible. You will find that each belt buckle that we produce is never the same as another giving you a unique belt buckle production each time.

At Fosterweld we start with a solid piece of metal and handcraft the designs to meet your requests. It is our practice to spray the belt buckle with acrylic and distress it by hand. We finish our products with an automotive grade poly-cote paint that will not chip or crack like most mass produced belt buckles that you can purchase in a fashion apparel store location. It is because our products are made by hand that you will not find any two products exactly alike.

All Fosterweld products can be purchased at a variety of retail fashion apparel locations as well as online at our website. From here you will find styles to compliment any fashion outfit that you have.

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