Custom Buckles from Fosterweld

custom belt buckle, custom golf belt buckleCustom-buckles are a popular way to express your own style and individuality. Fosterweld makes stunning custom belt buckles, crafted in the USA (without bailout money!), each just as unique as you.

Fosterweld makes their handcrafted custom-buckles in several different, unique styles, most of which come in a variety of colors and color combinations. These aren't your average, plain metal belt buckles with some company's logo featured on them. Each RAPTURE belt buckle is fabricated by hand, with rivet-like weld marks across the surface for a unique effect. Contrary to its name, the BLACK belt buckle comes in several different colors, with a rugged scratched surface revealing another bold hue of your choice. The BLISS belt is hand-cut from American steel, with a multitude of curved, intersecting lines carefully carved into the surface, merging nature with geometry. If you're into something more simplistic, we've got you (and your belt) covered; the OVAL, COPPER, and several other pieces feature plain hammered and scratched metal that will make just as much of a statement as any of their more stylized counterparts. Fosterweld even makes a Victorian styled custom-buckle, which is brilliantly steampunk and perfect for men or women. If you'd like something less modern and structured and more elemental, the SLAG belt buckle features twisting, liquid-like pools of cold hard metal, framed just for you.

None of these sound good? Don't worry! Fosterweld has plenty of other unique belt buckles. You're bound to find something that expresses yourself perfectly. You can even pick up a handcrafted leather belt here, too.   If you would like to create your own custom belt buckle with your very own design or graphic, please CONTACT US.

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