Wrist Cuffs

wrist-cuffs Do you look for fun and unique accessories to compliment your wardrobe? If so then you will want to visit Fosterweld and check out their custom made wrist cuffs. These wrists cuffs are made from top quality leather and hand crafted with a variety of metals, rivets and various designs. Each wrist cuff is custom made by an artesian right here is the United States at the Fosterweld workshop located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Fosterweld wrist cuffs can be purchased online at the Fosterweld website. You will find styles to fit any personality and wardrobe attire you may have. There are stylish masculine designs and feminine styles to compliment even that little black dress. However, there is nothing that says dainty or weak in any of the wrist cuffs you want.

The designers who create these exciting customized wrist cuffs handcraft each piece from distressing the leather and metals used, to hand painting each piece with a automotive quality poly coating paint that will hold up in all conditions you put it through. These designers have a passion for working with metals and leather which shows in the craftsmanship of every piece that they put out. But you do not have to take our word for it, just look at all of the products on Fosterweld’s site. These customized wrist cuffs that are made at the Fosterweld work shop can be used to compliment the many styles of custom belt buckles that you can also purchase through Fosterweld. You will also find great Fosterweld products on shelves of fine fashion retailers from Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Unlike dainty bracelets these leather wristbands are meant to make a statement about the person who wears them. You will find styles to meet any budget and may even find yourself wanting to purchase many different varieties and styles to accent your complete wardrobe. These leather wristbands make great gifts for all occasions and for all the fashion suave men and women out there.

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