Handcrafted Belt Buckles for Father's Day

mens-belt-buckles Did your dad teach you how to drive a stick-shift while all the other kids were still learning how to tie their shoes? Is there a drink named after him in at least six cities? Is he still the kind of guy you secretly want to be when you grow up?

Don't get a man like this a lousy tie. Get him one of Fosterweld's handcrafted men's belt buckles. Better yet, get him several; he deserves it, and it'll show him that cool is hereditary.

Each of Fosterweld's belt buckles is hand-crafted and no two are alike. TIG welding ensures a clean, high quality bond that's free of the atmospheric contaminants that can weaken the cheaply-made, mass-produced buckles you'd find just about anywhere else. This isn't a gift he'll use a few times, then toss when it wears out -- Fosterweld's belt buckles are built to last.

Whether his style is minimalist or attention-grabbing, Fosterweld has the look for him. Each men's belt buckle comes in a range of finishes, from the metallic gleam of styles like 1 Second to artfully distressed pieces like Oval. If it's color you're after, try one in his favorite shade -- there's a big selection of durable acrylic colors from which to choose.

No matter how cool the buckles look -- and they do -- they're better with a belt. Take a look at classic black or maybe a bold red. Each belt is hand-cut and hand-dyed, so the artists at Fosterweld can alter or distress each belt to your specifications.

Since each belt and every buckle is unique, you can find something for yourself without dressing like your dad. (Hey, no matter how much you like the guy, you don't want to dress alike.)

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