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black leather belt, premium leather beltsI happen to know several couples who are currently raising preschoolers. The challenges of that never-ending job show on most of them in one way or another. The dads of the group especially love to come and vent to me about this or that, since I’ve earned my stripes and have three sons – all over the age of 16 – that have given me more than my fair share of experience.

It’s been hard to shake one of the more recent conversations I had with one of the newbie dads of the group, just off to the races with two and four-year-olds at home. He was complaining about how story time at night never ever comes to an end. One book becomes two, two becomes three, yadda, yadda, yadda, and next thing you know, lights out is at 10:00 pm and he’s had all of two sips of his Heineken since he’s gotten home. Granted, I may have had a Hallelujah Chorus of support for him if we’d broached the dirty diaper or 3 am feeding topic but for me story time me was never like that. I never saw it as something I had to do. I saw it as something I got to do.

Maybe it’s because I’m still recounting that conversation as I type this that I’m choosing to compare it to the way I feel about our belts.

Bear with me here.

Some guys only purchase belts because well string is not practical enough a solution to keep their pants from falling down. They just need one with loops and holes and that’s enough. They may have one or two black leather belts hanging in the closet that only get replaced when the good ole staple gun just won’t work anymore.

I, on the other hand, don’t think of my belt selection as a chore – something I have to do to keep my pants from falling down. No, I see it as another chance to add polish to the look I spend so much time and money perfecting. I’m not hiding that baby under an oversized shirt. No way buddy. I want you to see my belt. I want you to see its custom buckle. I want you to appreciate its quality like I want you to appreciate the six-pack (okay, three-pack) that I’ve got going on just underneath that bad boy.

This is not the belt that someone who doesn’t want you to know he’s in the room wears. Neither is this one (they happen to be two of my favorites). They’re worn by the man who knows who he is, knows what he wants and knows good quality workmanship when he sees it. If you’re that type of guy, then Fosterweld men’s black-leather belts and unique belt buckles are for you. Take a moment to browse and buy a cool belt buckle or belt today, and know that you bought something special just for you… not because you had to.

distressed leather beltdistressed leather beltdistressed leather belt 

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