Man ohhh man.  It has been way too long since I have personally posted pictures of our cool custom belt buckles.  We have been super duper busy filling orders for custom golf belt buckles, team uniform buckles and just plain ole' kick ass belt buckles.

custom belt buckle, golf belt buckle, laser cut belt buckleThis first belt buckle was made for a friend of a friend who is the pastor of Highland Christian Church in Asheville, NC.  These guys meet every sunday at the ORANGE PEEL, which is by far the coolest music venue in the nation.  Nothing like going to church the morning after Vampire Weekend melted your face off,,,,floors still sticky with beer and belt buckle, golf buckles, distressed leather belt  CONACT ME if you are intersted in making your very own custom belt buckle with your own logo or design.  Also, check out our new distressed leather belts,,,this buckle went really really well with a distressed royal blue belt.

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