House for Sale close to BUTLER UNIVERSITY

house for sale indianapolisWe are starting to generate some interest in our charming home through our blog.  Please continue to send this posting along to any friends or family that might be looking for a wonderful, well maintained and totally remodeled home close to the Butler University Campus. 

Our home has been completely updated from the basement floor to the new dimensional shingles on our roof.  The walls and attic have been completely insulated to keep you warm and toasty on those freezing winter days.  One year ago, we put HardiePlank siding ( fiber cement board that looks like cedar but is fire proof and saves you on home owners insurance) on the exterior that comes with a 50 year warranty and has fresh paint that will last a long long time.  All of the flowers are in bloom this month and the trees are in full effect, so drop by and check out our cool home that is located at 4062 N. Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46208  and have a beer on our back deck that is perfect for entertaining with us.  The backyard is fully fenced so keep your cute pooch or wild children on lock down while you are inside taking a nap.

If you are on the market for a 3 bedroom 1 bath home, with a really nice and super clean basement ( no scary spiders ) that could easily be made into an extra bedroom with a full bathroom, check out our listing.  We have a huge detached garage / workshop that we have been operating FOSTERWELD out of for about 5 years now making cool and trendy belt buckles that will last for a century.  The shop is amazing and is totally decked out with lighting, insulation and more electrical outlets than you will know what to do with.

The asking price is $185,000.  Here are some pictures of the porch, the flowers and some other great shots.  Last, if you are not looking for a home but are looking to replace that totally lame belt buckle you have been wearing for the past 12 years that was made by a 3 year old in some Asian country,,,check out our cool belt buckles, premium leather belts and awesome handmade accessories that will last you as long as our house will,,,,and made by a totally legit dude in the USA.
house for sale indianapolishardie plank siding
beautiful back deck that is great for entertainingbeautiful home for sale indianapolis butler tarkington neighborhoodtrendy belt bucklecool belt buckle

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