Wrist Cuffs: Show Off Your Cuffs!

May 20, 2010

wrist cuffsThink the police are the only ones that can look bad ass with cuffs? Think again, only these wrist cuffs can express different and better ideas than an arrest.

Whether you have a more modest style or want to rock out a new kind of fashion statement the Foster Weld Co. can hook you up. There's the softer look of multiple skinny cuff, $25.00 in a variety of colors and the beautiful love cuffs, $12.00, or if you want to cross over with the rock star on stage in the thicker amplify cuff, $22.00. There is even wrist cuffs that can be pulled off with your little black dress ladies for the more elegant and formal occasion with a glitzy hammered copper cuff, $30.00.

And why not order a matching leather belt or cool custom belt buckle to put the final touches on your look?

These products were made by honest artists, who enjoy what they do and are all hand made originals, each an original piece of art that can express who you truly are on the inside.

Get cuffed today!

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