Fosterweld Hand Made Accessories

Fosterweld Fosterweld takes accessorizing to a new level, transforming wrist cuffs, leather wrist bands, belt buckles and other fashion gear into straight up art. Our hand made accessories are always one of a kind; forget the run of the mill, machine built, wannabe edgy fashion failures you'll find at the mall. Fosterweld is the stuff that fashion rockstars are made of.

Our wrist cuffs are made with distressed leather, rivets, the occasional bit of wicked looking hand altered copper or steel, and pure cool. Each cuff is totally unique, because it was handmade by an incredibly skilled artisan. You've never worn anything like this.

Our unique belt buckles are insanely awesome, blending creative genius with industrial artisan prowess like you've never seen before. Combine one of these puppies with one of our distressed belts, or take it a step further and order a custom belt buckle, and you're going to feel like the king or queen of fashion badassery. Shop Fosterweld today!

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