Unbelievably Cool Belt Buckles by Fosterweld

Cool Belt Buckles Have you seen Fosterweld's uber cool belt buckles? When I first laid eyes on these babies, I wanted to take them all home with me. Their tough, insanely cool designs are enough to make any fashion junkie become completely weak in the knees.

Like their brutally cool wrist cuffs, Fosterweld's belt buckles are brilliantly designed wearable art. These guys unarguably make the coolest belt buckles available, hands down. First of all, they're TIG welded by one of Fosterweld's hardcore artisans. How badass is that? Then they are distressed and some killer color is added with acrylic.

And speaking of badass, the big quality touch is in the automotive-grade poly-cote that they spray them with at the end of the process. The end result is an unbelievably cool belt buckle that your friends -and even strangers on the street- will absolutely covet. And did I mention that Fosterweld does custom belt buckles, too? Like Fosterweld's genius designers, you can let your imagination run wild, and wear the results. Hook it up with an original Fosterweld distressed leather belt, and you're in for a rock solid cool experience. Find yours today.

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