Fashion Belt Buckle

When you are in the market for a fashion item that truly makes a statement, and supports the hard work of a US crafts-person, you should look into buying several cool belt buckles from Fosterweld.  Fosterweld can offer you a single fashion belt buckle, or a wardrobe of custom buckles, if your heart desires.

The craftspeople at Fosterweld left the "9-5 world" because they believed in their own talent and ability to create an item that people will buy, and enjoy wearing.  They enjoy working with metal, and have been attracting a lot of local attention for their skill, as well as their attention to detail.  Their items are selling throughout shops in Philadelphia, PA, and Portland, OR, and they continue to receive rave reviews.

At Fosterweld, they take the time to craft items using hand-mills, machine tools, and plasma cutting devices.  Their style is unique, original and built-to-order.

All of Fosterweld's buckles are handmade and hand painted; no two are identical.  This is typically not the case with most of the items that you will find on the market these days.  The artists at Fosterweld do what they love, and it shows through in every item they create. Whether you are buying a high dollar furniture item, or one belt buckle, you can know that you are receiving the result of their passion, unity and inspiration.

Get your Fosterweld original fashion belt buckle. http://www.fosterweld.com

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