Winter chilling has run its course and soon it will be a distant memory in your rearview mirror. As you speed towards the blooms of spring, remember to buckle up – Fosterweld style!

Shedding those winter layers means exposing your personal style. Spring is the season for your accessories to take the driver’s seat. Tell the world you know what time it is with a totally distinctive fashion belt buckle.

Our belt buckles are handmade and deliver an artistic craftsmanship that is unmatched by the mainstream gear found at the mall. But a cool belt buckle without a stylized belt is like a sports car running on spare tires – it just looks lame. Match your individualized belt buckle with one of our premium distressed belts.

Or make it easy on your brain and choose one of our buckle + belt combos.  Our belts are hand cut, dyed, and distressed so no matter which road you pick, you will be outfitted in quality.

The unique belt buckles and fashion belts we offer come in a range of styles for boys, girls and everyone in between. And, here’s something that will STOP you in your tracks - you don’t have to break the bank for one of our handmade accessories.

So as you roll into spring make sure to get buckled up and let your style flag fly!


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