The impact of the buckle

Who are you? A trendsetter or person whose taste comes and goes with each seasonal fad? you're into standing out - get your hands on one of our handmade belt buckles. This stuff is made in America, and customized to fit you. We've got the trendiest and coolest belts and belt buckles in whatever color, style, size and finish you could possibly imagine. Every one of our buckles is solid metal and their belts are full-on real leather. These are the buckles you've been looking for in malls and stores but haven't been able to find. Here they are...finally.

Ever notice that the guy wearing the unique belt buckle is the same guy who grabs the attention of the room? It's time to get the custom buckles that no one else you run with has. At Fosterweld, every belt buckle is part of a whole line of handmade accessories and completely distinctive. You won't find another one like it anywhere. It's simply the impact of the buckle. People notice these cool belt buckles.

Check some of them out at Find out the impact of the hottest buckles.

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