The Making of the Buckle

When you wear hand made accessories, you're going against the corporate grain. Everyone's got accessories from the mall outlets and kiosks. Fosterweld's custom buckles and belts aren't only original, but they're conversation starters. Our buckles are all handmade and are great accessories for both men and women. We've all seen the guy wearing the huge superhero belt buckle everyone else has, and is simply just trying a little too hard to get noticed. With these unique buckles, the only thing you'll be trying to do is be yourself. You won't find these in chain retail stores. a belt buckle, the making of a belt buckle, handmade belt bucklehandmade belt buckle, cool belt buckle, metal belt buckle, custom belt bucklemontana gold paint, montana gold paint belt buckle, custom belt buckle colorsOur process for creating belt buckles is a simple one: Each buckle is completely handmade in my shop using AMERICAN steel and AMERICAN equipment, so take you china buckle back to the mall. All buckles are sheered to size, hand bent with a hammer, welded with a millermatic 252, stamped FOSTERWELD, angle grinder beveled edges, enameled with MONTANA paint that is hand distressed and finished with an automotive clear coat. Each buckle comes gift wrapped.

So get people talking, check out a Fosterweld belt and buckle.

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