Another round

If you think we have time to sit here and type ridiculous "blogs" ( does anyone else hate that word?), you are mistaken my friend.  Most people kill the hours from 8-5 updating their facebook profile and sending tweets,,,whatever that is.  We are actually grinding, bending, hammering metal, and sometimes our fingers over here at the FoSTERWELD shop.

Here is another batch of totally awesome belt buckles that were custom made for clients that were after truly unique handcrafted belt buckles.  IF you want to add a personalized belt buckle to your collection, or give as a gift to that special someone in your life, then drop us a line and let us get to work.  All of these buckles are completely handmade here in the USA.  We use the finest materials and enamels to create these amazing belt buckles.

Some of these custom golf belt buckles are laser cut, some were cnc machined and a couple of them were made using a stenciling process, where we can embed your logo using enamel and metal.  Good stuff.  Anyways,, get back to work!  The GH buckle is for a kid too, we make mini buckles around here as well.

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