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Here is our first coupon code that can be used in your shopping cart on the new  The code is FW10 and is good for 10% off your purchase.  Should cover your shipping charges, at least.

I want to show you guys a new buckle that we are making, that was a huge hit this holiday season.  We call this buckle TWENTY 7...why you ask.  I have no idea. When I firt created this buckle and sent pictures off to a boutique in Milwaukee ( ALgonquin for: the good land) called SHOO, the picture title was 27,,,so there you go.

We take a buckle blank that we fabricate in our shop that measures 2 x 3 inches, and we tack weld 2 plates on top to give it a little dimension, spray a little color juice on it, distress it,,,then put a serious grind finish pattern on the top plates, which end up being silver.  This is by far one of the coolest belt buckles we make.  The best thing about our custom belt buckles is that they are TOTALLY AFFORDABLE and HANDMADE in the many pieces of jewelry, clothing or accessories do you have that are made in the US?  Thats what I thought.  Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of this new unique belt buckle, shown on both our black leather belt and our hand dyed blue leather belt,,,all can be found on our website.  Enjoy!.. Dont forget FW10
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