Oregon Heart Buckles Are In!


Oregon is another one those places which FostwerWeld will always have a connection. Besides being our neighbor to the west, the varying terrain makes it hard to say no anytime a trip is summoned promising windsurfing, snowboarding, and adventure! Based on the popular oregon logo we put a laser cut steel buckle twist to it so you can rep the Northwest all day!

Show some love for Oregon!

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Part of being based in the Northwest is the undeniable lure of Oregon. From the coast to the Cascades, Portland to Bend, there is never any shortage of culture and the outdoors.

These laser cut buckles measuring 3.25"x2.25" are made from steel, painted to your liking, and slightly distressed, before being covered by a clear coated enamel. 

Also, check out our Portland Buckle!



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