Sole Hope - Providing Shoes & Jobs for Those in Impoverished Africa

One of the organizations that we have the great privilege of working with is Sole Hope - they are working to provide shoes & jobs for one of the most impoverished areas in Africa: Uganda. There has been a lot of media buzz in the last couple of weeks regarding Uganda, but don't let it stop there - now that it's got your attention, move to action. Sole Hope is different than some organizations that bring shoes into communities - Sole Hope is there to stay and make a lasting impact on the community and teach the people in the communities how to provide shoes for their own, which is a very valuable contribution. 

We have helped Sole Hope in the past by making really cool leather wrist cuffs, but they need your help now by going to vote for them at Cultivate Wines, an organization that raises money to help causes like this get up and running.

Go vote here, once a day!

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