A Love Story: Revello's Pizza & Marquee Letters

It's not very often we get to see returns on our work in the form of calories, when we do; it's magical!

After starting in on a great project for some lighted letters with all the trimmings, we just threw out a "hilarious joke" asking if our friends at Revello's Pizza (based out of Old Forge, PA) ever made deliveries out in Idaho.

Much to our surprise they took the inquiry seriously and overnighted two of THE BEST PIZZAS EVER directly to our shop! 

Seriously next time any of us are out in Pennsylvania, guaranteed we will stop by to admire the lights and savor some classic PA pizza.

Revellos Pizza - Peace Love & Pizza

Revellos Lighted Marquee Letter - FosterWeld Revellos Pizza Lighted Marquee sign Fosterweld

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