Stylized Vintage Marquees

If you're looking for something a little more custom, we can definitely help you out. The images below include some of the most recent projects we've been on—some for pretty big players and others for mom and pop type shops. We love taking on all kinds of work!

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Common FAQ's About our Stylized Marquees

Q: How big can you build these?
A: We're able to accommodate a pretty vast range of sizes, but most of the signs we build are in that 24" (tall) range. Depending on how many letters you need, your sign could be anywhere from 2 to 9 feet wide.

Q: How much are your Stylized Vintage Marquees?
A: We price our stylized marquees out $300 and $350 per letter for sizes up to 24" tall. If you need something outside of that range, we'll be happy to provide you a dialed-in estimate.

Q: What's included when I order a Stylized Vintage Marquee?
A: All fabrication, electrical wiring, our standard bulbs, paint and finishing work. For the most part, your sign will be ready to hang on the wall once it arrives. 

Q: What if I need these mounted from the ceiling or free-standing on the floor?
A: We can definitely work with you on this. If you have special requirements, just let us know up front and we can fabricate mounting brackets (or feet) to accommodate your needs.

Q: How long should I expect to wait for my marquee to arrive?
A: From the time your order is submitted, it takes between two to three weeks for us to cut materials, complete fabrication and ship to your door.

How Do I Order A Stylized Vintage Marquee?

Email us directly at