Custom Stencil Buckle | Text

Our custom stenciled buckles, measuring 3.5" x 2.25", are enameled and distressed to your specifications. 

Great for Names, Initials, or Numbers, this is the best way to get your custom gear.

If you have a text-based design, go ahead and fill out the form above.

OR, if you've decided to get that one-of-a-kind buckle? Here are the steps to take:

1) Contact us at

2) Send us an .eps or .dxf file of your artwork, along with any other specifications for the buckle (ie, color, quantity, design).

3) We'll get in touch with a quote, usually $50 per piece.

4) As we settle on a price, you will receive an invoice via Paypal. Once it's paid we get to work!

If you DON'T have your artwork in an .eps or .dxf file, not to worry - we'll take care of the artwork processing for you for an added cost of $35. Just send us your artwork in any of the standard formats (.jpg, .png, .pdf) and we'll take care of it from there.

The minimum turnaround for your one-of-a-kind buckle is 1-2 weeks for production and shipping.

Using a wide variety of our color treatments, you can choose up to two colors on your stenciled buckle (depending on the design).The end result is a cool belt buckle that is unlike any other. Each buckle is handmade in Boise Idaho, USA using local metals and a variety of welders, grinders, drill bits and hammers to create the unique designs you see on our buckles.

We like playing with metal. And since it's so much fun, we decided we had to share. Let us compliment your style and your surroundings by making original metal art that you can’t find anywhere else. No two pieces are exactly the same, because each is handmade and individually crafted right here in Boise, Idaho. From buckles to cuffs to home decor, if it's metal, we're down with it.