Amplify Cuff

Amplify your life! Increase the volume of your style with this badass leather cuff!
The piece come with a 1 1/2" base piece of leather, with a 3/4" piece on top.
Choose from our extensive color line-up for One-of-a-Kind color combinations and be rockin' out within a week!

Each wrist band is handmade from scratch, so there will be slight variations in the color of copper. There is a post and three holes for a comfortable fit. Choose your size from our sizing chart.

While Metal is our Legacy here at FosterWeld, we also dabble in the art of leather. Our premium leather is hand cut from full grain aniline dyed hides with a light oil and wax top. The finish is matte with raw edges and painted to your liking. All of our cuffs are hand-cut to specifications in my shop here in the USA and sized to order. All cuffs are post-and-hole fastened and can be worn on just about every wrist.

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